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Support teachers, families, and students in looking for reasonable and equitable ways to do everything they are be asked to do.

September 2020

This month we took a little time to share what we actually liked about distance learning! Being able to visit multiple classrooms and teachers at different sites was a big one, as well as more sibling bonding time for those with kiddos.

There was also a lot of discussion on the potential for creating a Zoom co-host group to help teachers - hopefully we will have more updates on this next month!

Special shout out to deb stetson

August 2020

Our meetings this month have taken place via email as everyone is preparing for school. Our helpful links this month include articles that are good to keep in mind as we work with students.


Lori Fury also has shared her digital images of math manipulatives for our community to use and share.

Special shout out to Lori Fury!

July 2020

There was a lot of discussion this month for being on “break”!

Our July meetings had a lot of discussion around equity as students return, learning pods, how to allow students to do and show work both virtually and in the “real world”, and some fun math problems for us to enjoy and test out this virtual environment.

Special shout out to Lori Fury, chelsea mcclellan and Kyle Ferreira van leer

June 2020

This month we did a little bit of “how-to” teacher-led portions on technology (Google Meets was a new one for our group to play with!) but our main topics were about onboarding in the fall to help teachers/students/parents get used to a virtual classroom and how to “catch-up” from the Spring. We discussed a session Chelsea led on moving forward to next year looking at things like learning targets and standard flows. We also discussed Social and Environmental Justice instruction and shared links to articles and lessons the group found helpful or interesting.

Special shout out to Chelsea Mcclellan, Jackie Booker, and deb stetson

May 2020

Between exchanging news on what everyone's schools, districts, and county's were doing we discussed what Fall might look like, the importance of Social Emotional Learning, and found some relief in fun math games!

There was also some really cool discussions on progression of standards, which continued into June.

Special shout out to Fawn Nguyen, Jackie Booker, Chelsea McClellan!

Spring Archive 2020

Our first official meeting was on March 20, 2020! Looking back on the notes from the first two months of meetings are fascinating but are mainly discussions and aren't as relevant to our classrooms now.

Special shout out to all teachers that in the face of the adversity and unknown continued working harder than ever. We see you.


Sense-Making for Teachers and Students

"With an education, you have everything you need to rise above the noise and fulfill every last one of your dreams."  Michelle Obama, #LetGirlsLearn

The Mathematics Project at Sacramento State is a professional home for teachers to hone the craft of teaching embracing every student's brilliant potential and fostering every student's thinking, conjecturing, and reasoning.  We work to create access and provide support for high level mathematics for ALL students.  

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