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The goal of SacMAST-L (Sacramento Math and Science Teacher Leaders) is to develop a cadre of teacher leaders in mathematics and science education able to aid in the implementation of the new standards (NGSS and CCSS-M) across the region. Twenty teachers were chosen to participate in intensive professional development in pedagogy, educational equity, Linked Learning, and leadership. Each teacher conducts in-depth action research in their classroom each year over the five-year program, and attends a minimum of 200 hours of professional development each year. This project is funded by a Noyce grant from the National Science Foundation.

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Sense-Making for Teachers and Students

"With an education, you have everything you need to rise above the noise and fulfill every last one of your dreams."  Michelle Obama, #LetGirlsLearn

The Mathematics Project at Sacramento State is a professional home for teachers to hone the craft of teaching embracing every student's brilliant potential and fostering every student's thinking, conjecturing, and reasoning.  We work to create access and provide support for high level mathematics for ALL students.  

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