Book Study

We are excited to announce our new Book Study selection for 2021-2022 is Peter Liljedahl's "Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics". We have found many parallels between the book and Math Project philosophy. We have already been adopting methods in the book and look forward to sharing our experiences.

Together we will be reflecting on the 14 practices for enhanced learning, engaging with math problems in each chapter, and working together on "things to try" between each meeting.


All of our meetings will be hosted by Math Project Director, Deb Stetson, via Zoom.

Thinking Classrooms Cover.jpg
BookStudy Infographic2.png

Read the introduction and first chapter by our first meeting!

“Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics exudes enthusiasm for students, how they think, and how those thoughts coalesce into powerful thinking classrooms. It's also deeply practical, describing how everything from the teacher's questions to the arrangement of the furniture can add to your students' learning.”

Dan Meyer

Chief Academic Officer, Desmos

"Building Thinking Classrooms is an instructional tour de force for any math teacher. From his extensive research, Peter offers remarkably actionable classroom structures and teacher facilitation moves that get students to think and move forward in their thinking. I′m thrilled it′s finally here!"

Fawn Nguyen