Join us this school year to deepen your understanding of mathematics and collaborate with peers to unpack the teaching of mathematics.


Our Saturday Seminars will be back in-person at Sacramento State for the 2021-2022 school year. Each seminar will be unique, so you can attend multiple sessions.

Per University policy, "We will continue to follow all Federal and State Covid-19 Safety Protocols for Vaccinated and Un-Vaccinated persons. Everyone must wear a face covering when entering any building on campus or operated by the University." If you prefer a virtual setting please visit our Programs page for information on all of our in-person and virtual offerings. All of our programs will feature unique content so you can attend any workshop without worrying about having already seen it with us before.


teaser for february 12th

Join us for our first Saturday Seminar of the new year to work on a problem that has you exploring patterns and how to contextualize your (and students') explanations of patterns with the mathematics. 


We'll wrap up our day, reflecting on the strategies we used and how it might assist learners from being dependent mimickers to independent explorers.

Math Appetizer for february 12th


Wordle isn't the only game in town! In preparation for Saturday we offer up three games designed for math lovers. If you register you'll receive a link to a slide deck to share thoughts and strategies with other teachers, as well as ideas on how these games can help students. 


This year we will...

  1. Engage in an asynchronous math appetizer before our          in-person session.

  2. Experience as a learner in groups and reflect upon moments of feeling clever and mathematical identity.

  3. Reflect as a teacher about student agency, identity, and discourse.

  4. Have fun with mathematics!


The fine print


The cost per session is $25.00

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
You can purchase 1.6 units for an additional $120, you must attend all four sessions and participate in the Math Appetizers to qualify for units. Please check with your organization to ensure the CEUs we offer meet your employer/school district's requirements.

Cancellation policy
Please notify us by e-mail no less than five days prior to your first class meeting* for a full refund. If your request is received five days before the course begins, you may transfer the full amount of your paid fees to another date in the series or receive a full refund, less a $10 processing fee. If you do not attend the course or notify us in the allotted time, you will not receive a refund. All refunds will be issued by check. Checks require one month for clearance prior to processing refunds. Refund checks are processed within four to six weeks.

​* A five day notice does not include weekends or holidays. E-mail your request to or send a fax to (916) 278-5480.

If you need more information or have questions, contact Debbie Dennick at (916) 278-4497 or

teaser for october 2nd

Join us as we work on a problem with a real-life context where the shortest distance between two points is not usually a straight line. Surprising math will ensue! You will be surprised by how much you are surprised. 

We will be using Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces as outlined in Peter Liljedahl's Building Thinking Classrooms book, adapting it for our needs. Each group will have a Whiteboard Station on the Wall near their spaced-apart seats. Everyone will be able to see everyone else's thinking on the walls, so ideas can be easily seen and shared.

Math Appetizer for october 2nd



A game of hide and seek we can play asynchronously

Our Math Appetizers are pre-work to do before attending the seminar! You can view October's Math Appetizer here, and find a friend to play the game. Our instructors will be playing with teachers that are registered for this event!


teaser for November 6th

How does the context of sharing food intersect with sums of fractions? We’ll start with a beginning idea for division that begs for drawings and exploration and gain insights into the mathematics of an ancient civilization. 


We'll wrap up our day, reflecting and discussing strategies used that offer entree into the task, that lift learner's voices, that foster independent mathematical exploration. How might that assist in your classrooms to move your learners from being dependent mimickers to independent explorers?

Math Appetizer for November 6th


In preparation for Saturday we have a fraction mystery for everyone to dabble with! If you are registered, an editable link was emailed to you so you can show your thinking and see others! If you aren't registered, take a sneak peek at the appetizer here.