Senior Year Math Course Partnership with Math Project at Sac State

Two courses for high school seniors were developed to provide additional opportunity for them to grapple with mathematics that sets them up for college.  Quantitative Reasoning (QR) is emphasized in both courses which build ability to develop and represent functions and mathematical models for situations.  The courses are designed to support seniors that could use additional opportunities to deepen understanding and who would benefit from additional exploration of seeing mathematical structure in patterns (i.e. linear, quadratic, polynomial, piecewise, exponential, logarithmic),  representing that structure as an algebraic function and through graphs, and using those to understand and predict.  Patterns and tasks are presented both numerically and in context.  The courses were designed to be taught using facilitative teaching, as opposed to direct instruction, where students learn collaboratively in teams.

The design of the courses is the result of several years and iterations of work by many dedicated professionals from the institutions listed below: 

  • CSU Sacramento

    • College and Career Readiness Office

    • College of Education

    • Mathematics Project at Sacramento State

  • High School Teachers from Placer and Sacramento Counties

  • Placer County Office of Education

  • Sacramento County Office of Education

  • Sierra College​

For more information about each course, please contact Joy Salvetti or visit their website.

Our Project Director, Deb Stetson, is one of the people who currently supports teachers as they learn to implement these courses.


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The Mathematics Project at Sacramento State is a professional home for teachers to hone the craft of teaching embracing every student's brilliant potential and fostering every student's thinking, conjecturing, and reasoning.  We work to create access and provide support for high level mathematics for ALL students.  

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