The focus will be on Fostering Student Agency - using their will to engage mathematics.

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Joint-Hosted Event Details

  • There will be two co-hosted events on March 7th and April 18th with a focus on Student Agency
  • The cost is $45 per Saturday.*
    *(If you have paid your dues as a SAME Member it will be $40)
  • Cost includes a Sacramento Math Project led session and break-out sessions led by SAME selected instructors, discussion with students over their competition entries (April 18th only), lunch, raffle tickets, and fun with mathematics!

Breakout Sessions for March 7th

SAME Student Competition

Teachers are invited to have students (grades 3rd-12th) enter into our student competition. There will be a break-out at our March seminar to discuss the problem and winning entries will be exhibited as part of the April 18th Saturday Seminar. You do not need to attend the informational session to have your students compete, and attendance is not required at the April 18th session. However, the winning students are invited to attend in April to showcase their thinking to solve the problem. For more information and the rules please download our Student Competition Handout.

Focus for 2019-2020

This year our seminars will focus on influencing student identity and ability to perservere by capitlalizing on moments of cleverness. At each seminar we will incorporate:

  • Considering equitable access to high level math by examining WHO DID THE MATH THINKING TODAY
  • Teacher reflection about students, moving beyond challenges to capabilities and identities
  • Building student math identity by creating opportunities for students to feel clever and by providing meta-cognitive time for students to recognize their own progress
  • Selecting or tweaking tasks so students recognize the challenge in the tasks and will feel a sense of accomplishment in solving them

Attend Saturday Seminars to...

  • Experience math yourself. Nurture your own mathematical identity as a math doer and thinker as you work on problems in small groups engaging in sense-making, patterning, quantifying, and constructing viable arguments.
  • Discuss teaching moves. Observe & identify the specific moves we use to give multiple opportunities to think and reason, the way we structure the mathematical progression of the lesson and the message that sends to learners about their capabilities, i.e. the way we build mathematical identities of learners and class culture - all of which can be used with your students
  • Create opportunities for students to be clever. Select or adjust low-floor, high-ceiling tasks so students recognize the challenge in the tasks and will feel a sense of accomplishment in solving them. Discuss structures for student participation adn student interaction that will build student math identities as they recognize their own cleverness.

Although we recognize Saturday time is precious, we know that you will find the time spent with us valuable, and hope that you can join us.

Additional Details

The cost per session is $45.00 or $40.00 per session if you sign up for 3 or more at the same time! Lunch is included in the registration fees
*Fees for March 7th and April 18th will be discounted by $5 each if you are a SAME Member

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Please check with your organization to ensure the CEUs we offer meet your employer/school district's requirements. CEUs are optional. CEU cost for 2 units are $120.00.
You can purchase units up to two weeks after the last class.

Please notify MASE Center in writing, by e-mail or fax no less than five days prior to your first class meeting* for a full refund. If your request is received five days before the course begins, you may transfer the full amount of your paid fees to another date in the series or receive a full refund, less a $10 processing fee. If you do not attend the course or notify us in the alloted time, you will not receive a refund. All refunds will be issued by check. Checks require one month for clearance prior to processing refunds. Refund checks are processed within four to six weeks.

* A five day notice does not include weekends or holidays. E-mail your request to or send a fax to (916) 278-5480.

If you need more information or have questions, contact Debbie Dennick, Events Coordinator at (916) 278-4497 or