We can tailor programs to meet the needs of your teachers and students. Our program designs are research based and include intensive professional learning outside of the classroom (institutes, series of release days, series of after school sessions) and sustained job embedded activities (coaching, facilitated team teaching, and lesson study). Programs work toward sustainability by developing leaders among the teacher participants, and by enhancing the development of district coaches and mathematics leaders and professional learning communities.

Past Programs

Mathematics Leaders Network

The Mathematics Leaders Network (MLN), commenced in early 2016 to support a cadre of mathematics leaders in the Sacramento region who work directly with secondary mathematics teachers to improve instruction.  Participants included math coaches, instructional specialists, curriculum specialists, and peer coaches. 

The program was led by Deb Stetson and Rick West, who have decades of successful experience in providing classroom support to math teachers to improve student learning. 
The program included plenary meetings of the cadre, where the focus was on strategies for dealing with the challenges of improving instruction to align with the California State Standards, and the challenges of working constructively, directly with teachers.  Also participating were be mathematics professors from Sacramento State, to provide guidance about aligning instruction with the expectations of higher education. 
In addition, participants each received one-on-one assistance from Rick or Deb, at their school sites, for a full day during the spring semester.  This shoulder-to-shoulder work was tailored to the duties of each participant, to help them in their areas of greatest need.  Mathematics professors from Sacramento State are also available for site visits, when their expertise will be helpful.

Horizons Charter Schools 2015-2016

Description of Partnership: We partner with the district Mathematics Coordinator/Coach to create and co-lead district professional development.  In this way we can tailor professional learning activities to meet the unique challenges of this district's varied teaching platforms (blended learning situations, parents conducting home-schooling, and regular classroom instruction.) Deb Stetson works with the Math Coordinator during the school year, and for the summer institute we will provide 2 lead instructors and 3 teacher leaders as staff.

Activities for Teacher Learning:

  • Professional Learning release days with parents and teachers
  • Demonstration Lessons at schools and lead debriefing discussions afterwards with groups of teachers who observed the lessons
  • 3-Day Summer Institute for teachers (working in regular classrooms) and supervising teachers (working with parents conducting home schooling)


Orangevale Open Elementary School 2015 - 2016

Description of Partnership: For 3 days during the school year, Deb Stetson and Rick West teach demonstration lessons, or co-teach lessons with Kindergarten through 8th grade teachers. Each teacher is provided time immediately after the lesson to debrief teacher moves and questioning techniques and evidence of student learning. The principal participates in debriefing discussions and observations as an instructional leader.  

Activities for Teacher Learning:
•    Demonstration lessons followed by debriefing discussion analyzing teacher moves and student learning
•    Possibly after school seminars during early release time


San Juan USD (2013-2015)

Description of Partnership: District sponsored professional learning program to support 68 San Juan Unified area K-12th grade mathematics teachers in teaching mathematics so that students are supported to reason and make sense for themselves.  

Activities for Teacher Learning:

  • 1-Week Summer Institute (30 hours)
  • 2 Professional Learning Days (release days for all teachers, one in Fall, and one in Spring)
  • 2 Day Fall Practicum (Staff facilitator co-planning, co-teaching, observation, and reflection experience at a school site with two teams of three teachers.) 
  • Support for District Coaches and Specialists 
  • Co-Coaching at schools with coaches
  • Content support for conceptual underpinnings of difficult topics
  • Support for methods of coaching teachers as they are working to integrate more conceptual understanding, and to provide more access to all learners to reason and make sense of the mathematics 
  • Fall Practicum (Staff facilitator co-planning, co-teaching, observation, and reflection experience at a school site with two teams of three teachers.) (2 release days per team of 6 teachers)