Since 2005, we have partnered with local county offices and school districts to obtain 8 grants that provide funding for substantial professional learning programs for teachers. These programs follow research-based design and include intensive professional learning outside of the classroom (institutes, series of release days, series of after school sessions) and sustained job embedded activities (coaching, facilitated team teaching, and lesson study). Programs work toward sustainability by developing leaders among the teacher participants, and by enhancing the development of district coaches and professional learning communities.

Current Programs 

SacMAST-L 2016-2021

The goal of SacMAST-L (Sacramento Math and Science Teacher Leaders) is to develop a cadre of teacher leaders in mathematics and science education able to aid in the implementation of the new standards (NGSS and CCSS-M) across the region. Twenty teachers were chosen to participate in intensive professional development in pedagogy, educational equity, Linked Learning, and leadership. Each teacher conducts in-depth action research in their classroom each year over the five-year program, and attends a minimum of 200 hours of professional development each year. This project is funded by a Noyce grant from the National Science Foundation.

Past Programs

Math Generation 2013-2018

Description of Partnership: A 5-year grant sponsored professional learning program to support 190 teacher leaders working as professional learning community (PLC) facilitators at their schools.  Math Generation PLC leaders learn to implement strategies and specific prompts to get students talking in order to analyze how students are making sense of the mathematics themselves.  They also learn ways to plan lessons to guide students to conjecture and reason through the conceptual foundations as they formulate more efficient methods.  PLC leaders are also supported in how to design PLC collaborative meetings with colleagues in order to discuss and collaborate with colleagues about student thinking, student progress and plans for upcoming lessons.

Partners: Elk Grove Unified School District

Activities for Teacher Learning:

  • 1 Lesson Study Release Day (prepare Framework and goals documents, facilitate reflection, co-teach with instructing teacher, facilitate evidence gathering and revision)
  • 2 Professional Learning Release Days
  • 4-5 After school sessions
  • Saturday Seminars

Engineering and Mathematics, Inspiring Thinking and Solutions (EMITS) 2014-2017

Description of Partnership: A 3-year grant sponsored professional learning program to support 55 Sacramento area 6th-12th grade mathematics teachers in teaching mathematics so that students are supported to reason and make sense for themselves. This grant is particularly focused on the use of engineering contexts as students learn mathematical modeling using engineering contexts. Teachers will enhance their abilities to support students while they develop a mindset of posing and clarifying questions, identifying assumptions and information necessary for solution paths, developing and refining solution paths on the way to answering questions. View Performance Task Lessons developed by our teachers through Lesson Study by visitingthe official EMITS website.

Partners:  Sacramento County Office of Education, San Juan Unified School District, River Delta Unified School District, Galt Unified SD, and Gateway Charters

Activities for Teacher Learning

  • 2-Week Summer Institute (60 hours)
  • Engineering Integration Meetings (five 2-hour meetings)
  • Fall Practicum (Staff facilitator co-planning, co-teaching, observation, and reflection experience at a school site with two teams of three teachers.) (2 release days per team of 6 teachers)
  • Classroom Coaching (4 visits per teacher)
  • Lesson Study (Staff facilitated co-planning,  lesson implementation and gathering of evidence of student thinking, revising lesson based upon evidence gathered, implement lesson again, revise and reflect) (2 release days per team of 6 teachers)


CAGiSM (2009-2014)

Description of Partnership:

Partners: Sacramento City Unified