“Tsi mahnu uterna ot twan ot geifur hingts uto.”   

-Unknown Author


Teaching without Telling—Getting the Kids to Figure It Out

Lessons designed and tested by teachers who have participated in our intensive programs for multiple years.  The lessons identify questions and prompt the development of conceptual understanding which is the basis upon which to build the procedure or mathematical idea being taught.

K-1st Grade (or students who need extra support)

Using Toys to Build the Number Line:
Educreations Link showing how to move students from counting concrete objects like toys to how to model that on the number line:
Using Toys to Build the Number Line

Take Five for the Movies:
3 Lessons for Conceptualizing 'Addends' and 'Total'

Kindergarten Lesson - Take Five

Fourth Grade

Fractions Unit:
5 lessons: Fraction Families, Equivalent Fraction Segments, Benchmark Fractions (1/2 and 1), Equivalent Fractions on the Number Line (whole numbers and fractional equivalents), Comparing and Ordering
Educreations Link for part of the Equivalent Fraction lesson


Seventh Grade

Percents Mini Unit:
3 Lessons to develop conceptual understanding and ability to explain reasoning for finding percents of a quantities.

Lesson Plans: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Power Points: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Student Notes: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 

Eighth Grade

Direct Variation and Proportionality:
This lesson is aimed at Grade 8 students moving from proportional thinking into what graphs of proportions look like.  The lesson uses the context of mixing juices to tap into students' previous expreriences so they can make sense of the graphs and the proportional relationships.

Lesson documents:
CC Lesson Student Handout
CC Lesson Proportionality and Lines